Dear All,

Muahahahaha! Lucky you little earthlings, SnickerZ just decided to resign as the supreme ruler of SnickerZville, which, of course, would cease to exist after this most tragic event. For two years, she has succeeded in luring some thirty thousand unfortunate people and they succumbed to her influence. I dare to say, she loved the experience - she learned much, experienced much, and had much fun. Too much fun actually, to dedicate wholeheartedly to the rulings of this domain would consume her life, or whatever that's left of it after schoolwork has taken its lion's share. Amen, SnickerZville respectfully retires with all its glory.

Fear not! This is not the last of SnickerZ (she's too egotistical to stay off the web for long [wink]).

22 Feb. 2005


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